Secrec /ˈsēkrəsē/, is your secure, portable and personal vault for organizing your confidential information like private keys, passwords etc.

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Our app is only available for Mac OSX and Windows 10.

Secrec (beta) app is available for Mac OSX and Windows 10.


Feature Set

Check out how you can use this app to secure your keys and important information!

Completely Offline

Secure your information on a filesystem based secure vault without any need for internet. You may create your vault on USB drive, hard disk or cloud storage folder e.g. DropBox, Box etc.


Your personal vault is encrypted and secured on disk using your password key. Internally, it is using AES-256-CTR encryption algorithm.

Store photos

You can also store photos of Credit Card, Driving License, Passport etc. in the vault

Cross Platform

Access your portable secure vault on Windows or Mac OSX systems.





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Take control and
Secure your private keys and confidential information.

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